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How to create a Powerful Command Presence - DVD

Former US Marine Recon Team Leader and International Reality Self Defense expert Bill Kipp takes you on a playful yet powerful exploration of how to use the FAST Defense Award Winning techniques to:

  • Convey an air of strength and power
  • Project a sense of quiet confidence
  • Control adrenaline so it doesn't control you
  • Avoid the Common Knee Jerk Mistakes people make
  • Verbally control any altercation
  • And how to create a "command presence" that will allow you to skillfully negotiate any situation, from the smallest to the biggest challenges we face from the boardroom to the street with confidence & control!

Learn first hand what veteran cops and security experts have learned through the school of hard knocks. And use it to live a more successful life!

$29.95 plus $4 S&H


Reality Training is all the rage these days. Yet few Instructors understand how to teach it better than Bill Kipp. Mr. Kipp is quite arguably the world's leading expert on scenario based self defense who's proven effective teaching methods have been used in EZ Defense, RMCAT, and his FAST Defense / FAST Combatives systems. 

In this DVD you will learn from Bill how to run safe, fun, and effective reality self defense training for both children and adults. His system works for virtually any martial arts style and is fun, energizing, and it works FAST!

  • New Pad Drills to maximize power and speed!
  • Portal of Safety games that playfully teach students to control their adrenaline, and use it as their best source of power!
  • Dynamic drills to learn how to defend yourself from armed and even multiple attackers!
  • Unleash your warrior spirit with a variety of short and exciting scenarios!
  • Translate your martial arts to the realities of the street!
  • Energize your students like crazy in a fun and safe environment!

$29.99 plus $4 S&H

3 DVD Set
By Adrenal Stress response Experts Bill Kipp & Peyton Quinn! These are the most revealing and useful instructional programs on Reality Based Self Defense that have been produced to date.
  • DVD ONE: AWARENESS, AVOIDANCE & DE-Escalation of Conflict: This DVD instructs the most important skill set there is in real world self-defense, awareness and avoidance and de-escalation of potential conflict. It is the most important skill to have for sure, yet it is seldom, if ever even addressed, much less taught in martial arts classes.

  • DVD TWO: Striking Techniques: Simple and effective gross motor self defense techniques that we have taught at FAST Defense and RMCAT for many years and then observed the attendants applying them successfully in full contact, adrenal stress driven, totally unpredictable scenarios against the armored assailants.

  • DVD THREE: Escapes from holds, Fighting From The Ground & Chaining Your Striking Techniques: This is reality based, in the street instruction and not sport or submission grappling.

$79.99 plus $6 S&H 

For Self Defense 2 DVD Set
Welcome to this breakthrough 2 DVD Set on MAXIMUM POWER STRIKING For Self Defense!
You do NOT need to have a Black Belt or years of fighting experience to learn how to hit REALLY HARD!

This DVD Series will teach you in a simple and FAST proven method how to hit with MAXIMUM POWER to prevail in a real fight. 

You will learn:
  • Real techniques that work for Real people in Real situations, and how to apply them with Maximum Stopping Power!
  • Why POWER is more important than Speed!
  • Why standard shield holding does not help generate Power!
  • How to access your Warrior Spirit to fight like a demon possessed if you ever need it!
  • Simple Proven Effective strikes that work for anyone!
  • How to Hit with More Power than most Black Belts can achieve!

(2 DVD discs, $59.99 plus $5 S&H)

Welcome to EXTREME REALITY GROUNDFIGHTING! This is NOT Sport JJ! This is NOT Cage Fighting! This is down and dirty no holds barred survival on the ground!
In this "Groundbreaking" DVD, Self Defense and Adrenal Stress Response Expert Bill Kipp takes you step by step through the innovative FAST Defense Teaching Methodology that got FAST Voted the 2006 BEST Self defense In the Industry!
Mr. Kipp breaks Groundfighting into several different scenarios using clear slow motion demonstrations. He then shows the intermediate levels of training where the student's hone their techniques safely and effectively.
Each scenario finishes with actual live footage of a Bulletman attacking the student and the student fighting back full out using the proven FAST techniques to get away safely!
This DVD dispels the common Myths about Groundfighting, and clearly shows the difference between Sport Groundfighting, Cage Groundfighting, and the realities of surviving a real life attack on the ground! This a MUST for any Groundfighting library!

It's yours for $29.95 plus $4.00 S&H



On Living with Courage, Discipline, and Honor
In compiling this collection of essays, Loren W. Christensen sought the true meaning, the essence, of warriorhood by going to the source, to those who live it. The writers who contributed to this work are a diverse mix, from soldiers, cops and SWAT officers to martial art masters to experts in the fields of workplace violence, theology and school safety. They are some of the finest warrior authors, warrior trainers and warrior scholars today. Many have faced death, survived and now teach others to do the same. Here they speak candidly on what it is like to sacrifice, to train, to protect . . . Even to kill . . . To accomplish what needs to be done. Because that is what a warrior does. 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, softcover, 374 pp.

ONLY $24.99 plus $5 S&H

Personally signed copies by Bill Kipp

Everyone feels fear. Unfortunately, most people even trained martial artists have received precious little guidance in how to handle it. As a result, they typically either freeze like a deer in the headlights or flail ineffectually when faced with a threat. Instead of accepting the adrenalized state brought on by stressful situations as an inevitable, instinctual survival response, they second-guess it, dread it, deny it and fight it.
In this book you'll discover how to transform fear from dreaded enemy into powerful ally. Using a dynamic self-defense technology known as adrenal stress response training, author Bill Kipp has helped literally thousands of men, women and children face their fear head-on, control it and harness it as the tremendous source of power nature intended it to be. Here he describes how the FAST Defense system develops awareness and communication skills that can help you avoid being targeted as a victim, desensitize you to the verbal abuse and threats that attackers use to control their victims, and equip you with verbal defense skills that will stop most altercations before they ever become physical. Finally, he reveals how this fast, effective, scenario-based training methodology empowers you to unleash the fearsome force of adrenaline to fight for your life when all else fails. 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, soft cover, photos, 272 pp.

$24.99 plus $5 S&H.

A great video!! We have included a number of "Bulletman" fight clips, which demonstrate FAST Defense at full power under the adrenal state. Single, multiple and ground fights and weapons are included.

Now you can start learning the all important basics of this new technology, right in the privacy of your home. Bill Kipp, FAST Defense's President and chief instructor, has laid out a step by step instructional video on the basics of FAST Defense training.
Here is just some of what's included:
  • The all-important psychology of FAST Defense Training.
  • The A-B-C's of self-defense.
  • The three modes of behavior when dealing with hostility.
  • How most (probably as much as 95%) fights and assaults can be eliminated!
  • The "most important" factor in effective self-defense.
  • How to develop 'Assertiveness Skills.'
  • The key to setting effective 'Boundries.'
  • How to use your "voice" to develop both physical and mental power!
  • How to use the 'Woof' to make your training realistic.
  • The color code self defense readiness system.
  • Pad training for front and rear defenses.
  • The basic FAST Defense strikes and how to use them.
  • How to use "Escalating Assertiveness" to fend off most attacks.
  • Understanding the 'Training Wheels' of self defense.
  • The role of the coach in FAST Defense training.
And more!

This FAST Solutions for Life video is available right now for only $29.99 plus $4 S&H

Self Protection Through; Awareness, Avoidance, and De-Escalation
The Missing Link is one of the most important self-protection videos ever produced and is must-see viewing for anyone who is serious about safety.

No matter what fighting style you practice, there’s no getting around the fast that the best defense is not having to fight at all. Unfortunately, this missing link in self-defense has been largely ignored – until now.

In this original Paladin Press video production, self-defense expert Bill Kipp teaches you the verbal and psychological skills you need to preempt violent attacks and end fights before they start. Kipp first explains the normal reactions to confrontations and how they can instantly mark you as an easy target. He then reveals proven strategies that enable you to take control of a situation, assertively de-escalating potential conflicts and repelling would-be attackers. Through a variety of dramatic scenarios, you’ll also learn when and why to make eye contact, how not to get “hooked” by a predator’s taunting words and the secrets of transforming the adrenal rush of a confrontation into an effective, assertive defense.

The Missing Link is one of the most important self-protection videos ever produced and is must-see viewing for anyone who is serious about safety. This video is for informational purposes only and contains adult language. Color, approx 90 minutes. Videos are nonreturnable; defective tapes will be replaced.

Its yours for $39.99 plus 4.00 shipping & handling!


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