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The FAST Defense Predator Armour™

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FAST Defense Predator Armour™ – Full Force Combat Body Protection

The FAST Defense Predator Armour™ is unique among all other commercially available body armor in that it safely allows absolute full force strikes to vulnerable areas on the attacker’s body, yet allows for free mobility to realistically simulate an aggressive attacker.


Over 3 Decades of Research and Development

This cutting edge armor has evolved from over 30 years of intensive R&D and literally hundreds of thousands of live scenarios with people from no training up to professional fighters and elite military and Law Enforcement personnel. The result is the perfect balance of freedom of movement, weight and comfort, with maximum protective ability unlike no other.


We Do As We Train

Training with anything less than full force strikes under a high adrenaline state will result in reduced performance in the heat of battle. The FAST Defense Predator Armour permits students to “flip the switch” and acquire firsthand experience of how to control and focus the power of adrenaline into the full force ballistic power necessary to survive a real life assault.

The FAST Defense Predator Armour™ Reigns Supreme

Over many years, our team has pressure tested the vast array of other body armors out there. Our philosophy is pragmatic: to find and use the best technology available. We have found nothing comparable to the performance of the FAST Defense Predator Armour. It requires no special sizing or fitting and can be donned in mere minutes.


MMA & Martial Arts– The FAST Defense Predator Armour is the missing link in MMA & martial arts training, allowing students to hit full force with their strikes against a dynamic moving aggressor vs. always having to pull their punches. It has proven its worth for effective training in: standup fighting – combat ground fighting – defense against armed and multiple attackers – defensive use of weapons

Military & Law Enforcement– Weapon Retention, Verbal De-escalation, Last Resort Tactics against single unarmed to armed & multiple attackers, appropriate use of force, Adrenaline control to provide new warriors the skills in hot zones that only veteran LEO’s and soldiers have previously acquired through years of hard knocks.

Other body armor sellers say their gear works for adrenal stress scenario based training. But in this case, the FAST Defense Predator Armour™ is the real deal.

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